Clip to Impact

An organized shiny mess with sultry soothing colors, an attempt to express the interconnectidness of things and people with its zirconia studded links, that when  hooked onto each other,  a woman's  life is posistively impacted. Created in the most intense and discouraging  environments that result from war, and as the whole world transits through uncertainty: we did the opposite: instead of being fearful, we doubled our activity in creating this collection a testimony to perseverence, resilience and trust in the unknown, that in the end, everything turns out to be ok for the highiest good of all. Your purchase will not only provide badly needed livelohoods for women it will also enhance emotional state as working with beautiful colors and stones in the comforting company of eather, provide a sense of wellbeing, serenity and peace.  Welcome to our movement: post a picture of yourself and tag #Clip2Impact #ResilienceInConflictZone @raniakingemadebywomen