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Dear friends, Syria and region have just suffered one of the biggest earthquakes in recent history... Many houses on the ground, many deaths and still counting.  The scope of the devastation is still unfolding. Those that are still alive under the rubble, are dying of cold… rescue teams are digging with their bare hands as tractors do not have petrol to lift the heavy blocks due to sanctions on Syria. Women are giving birth under the rocks, and plane carrying aid cannot land in Damascus airport due to sanctions. There is no food, no fuel for heating, no electricity,  no petrol for transportation, no medicine and no electricity and soon no telecommunications as the poles have been hit. We are Ok but our houses have suffered damages on top of living in terror since 10 years and working in the most unfriendly conditions. We could not evaluate damages brought to our workshops due to too much debris obstructing the way.  

We are made by women association based in Geneva serving women in Syria. Your donation will be distributed to those that made it alive by trusted volunteers with whom we collaborate since many years for the welfare of the people and society as whole.

Our association trains vulnerable women on how to produce hand made items in order to sustain themselves and their families economically. These women  have lost all means of livelihoods due to deceased husband, son or destroyed business and or all of the above due to ongoing war.

Your donation will help buy food for families that survived that are currently in Churches, mosques and schools turned into shelters.